Land Rover Waxoyl

Land Rovers of whichever variety probably account for over 50% of the work we undertake and as a result we have developed extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the vehicles and how they need to be treated effectively.


We also include in that figure a substantial quantity of Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports which also require Waxoyl treatment.


Land Rover Defenders needs specific attention and our process pay attention to these and this includes the chassis inside and out, the rear cross member, outridgers and bulkhead all of which are treated thoroughly as part of our treatment and prepartion process along with the underbody, doors, bonnet and tailgate areas.


Below you can see soem before n after pictures.

Land Rover Defender 90 Waxoyl Land Rover Defender 90 Waxoyl

Again we have completed lots of Waxoyl treatment work on Land Rover 90's & 110's as well as some older Series I,II,III's.

Land Rover Discovery Waxoyl Land Rover Discovery Waxoyl

We have completed waxoyl treatment work on a large number of Land Rover Discoveries. The majority being older examples, but we are now starting to acquire jobs on Discovery 4's.

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See below some before n after pictures

Land Rover 90 after cleaning Land Rover 90 after cleaning

After cleaning but prior to Waxoyl application.

After Waxoyl treatment After Waxoyl treatment

Land Rover After Waxoyl application.

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