How We Work

We find ourselves typically now providing a sameday turnaround on vehicles having started initially taking a vehicles over a 24 hours period.


We can provide a collection service for your vehicle if required and also pick up and drop customers off at train stations, shopping center or local sites of interest.

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MoT Rust/Corrosion Advisory Notices and MoT Rust/Corrosion Failures


If you have had a recent MoT on your vehicle and its come back with an rust advisory notice regarding the chassis, underbody brake pipes and the like, the treatment of the underbody and chassis following preparation with Waxoyl will halt rust the process and deal wth the advisory notice issue. In the event of a rust advisory notice being issued it will normally need to be dealt with prior to the next MoT.


If you have had a recent MoT failure on your vehicle as a result of rust on the chassis, underbody, brake pipes and the like, is is unlikely the treatment of the vehicle with Waxoyl will be enough to ensure an MoT pass once treated. However in some cases, heavy rust removal and treatment may be all thats required. The MoT assessor should be able to indicate whats required. In most other cases it will however probably be the removal and replacement of the corroded and rusted pipes and cutting out and welding over other sections and then applying the Waxoyl treatment.


We are happy to discuss any issues you have in the area.


Link below to MoT Testers Manual regarding corrosion.

Click for MoT Manual Policy on Corrosion