Waxoyl Treatment

Waxoyl Treatment Waxoyl Treatment

This is typically the 5 Step Waxoyl Treatment process we follow:

Step 1 - Cleaning
Pressure washing of the underside of the vehicle.

Step 2 - Drying
We normally let the vehicle dry gradually but were quick turnaround is required we will dry the vehicle using heater to speed the process.


Step 3 - Checking
Checking of all surfaces for loose debris.

Step 4 - Debris Removal
Wire brushing of any slightly loose material to find a solid base material.

Step 5 - External Application
Application of Waxoyl to external areas a appropriate.

Step 6 - Cavity Injection Application
Injection via pressure sprayer to internal bodywork and chassis cavities. We will if required drill and bung cavities as required only with you express permission for areas which have no alternative method of access.

Typically we provided a sameday turnaround dependent on workload (dry and warmer weather means we can go from stage to stage quicker as we also us heaters but nothing beats a warmer day!).

Pricing will be dependent on the size of vehicle and the level of preparation required, but start from £340 for underside only and £440 to include cavities.

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